Historic Craig Farm


Kilburnie is set across Craig House on historic Craig Farm located 3 miles north of Lancaster, SC. John Craig, Esquire, whose family originated in southwestern Scotland, immigrated to South Carolina from Northern Ireland in 1772. After receiving a land grant in Lancaster County from King George III, Craig bought additional land in the Waxhaws in 1773.


John Craig, Esquire and several of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War battles that occurred in the vicinity. The current Craig House dates from the early 1830s, and was originally a federal-style farmhouse. In 1901, it was significantly enlarged with a Victorian front addition by John Edgar and Amanda Drennan Craig, who were married in 1883 at Kilburnie, then the residence of the Drennans. Craig House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.


The fields and woods surrounding historic Craig House are all part of pre-Civil War Craig Farm, which included more than a thousand acres of the area between Highways 200 and 521 from Montgomery Lane to several miles north of Cane Creek.

Craig Farm today consists of close to 400 acres, owned by the five siblings of the current Craig generation and Johannes Tromp, and is operated as a cattle farm by Bill Craig, the twin brother of Kilburnie partner John Craig. Bill is also a skilled cabinet maker, and fine examples of his workmanship are scattered throughout Kilburnie and Craig House.


Judy Sanwald-Craig and her husband Roger Sanwald also contributed to the home by handcrafting a period gilded picture frame for a portrait of Benjamin Franklin which now hangs in the drawing room of Craig house. To see a video of them crafting the period frame click on this link: